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Some notes when buying main computers for newbies

Meta Description: When buying a main computer, users need to pay attention to the storage capacity, chipset, CPU, ... to find out the right product and maximize productivity.

In the structure of the computer, main is an important part besides other components such as CPU, RAM,… It can be compared to main as the brain processing activities on the computer. If you are wondering how to buy a main computer. Let's take a look at the following article.

The role of Main computer

The main server functions as a stable environment, helping components and equipment to operate and link together.

Main computer helps to link peripheral devices

Main computer will include components such as: sockets, processor (chipsets), memory sockets (memory sockets) and peripheral devices.

In short, the computer main is the central electrical circuit that is responsible for connecting and transmitting signals between devices in the machine.

Notes when choosing to buy a main computer

Because of combining many different components and sizes, choosing to buy a main computer is not easy. You need to have knowledge of main and features of each type to choose the right computer main. Choosing the main is not just a strong configuration but requires compatibility with other devices mounted on the main. You can refer to the following notes:

Note about chipset

Chipsets have the function of transmitting data via CPU and memory, ensuring the connection between peripherals. When buying a main computer, you need to pay attention to the chipset first.

You need to check Chipset compatibility

You need to consider carefully whether the Chipset in the new main has good CPU support like the old Main. Also, you can check the CPU speed this main can load.

Interested in Sockets

Socket or slot standard is the number of pins of the CPU on the main server. When buying a main, you need to find out if this socket type is suitable for the CPU or not.

Storage capacity

With modern technology, the main server now integrates SATA2 with bandwidth of 3GBs / sec. Especially SAS technology for twice the bandwidth. Hot-plugable SATA saves space.

Check if the Main server has integrated RAID system or not. This system makes it possible for the server to use hard drives of the same type to increase performance or to redundancy for damaged hard drives.

Remember the product code

If unfortunately your main computer is damaged and you need to find a replacement product, please remember that main line code. You can contact your warranty or computer repair shops and provide product line numbers for technical support.

Remember the product code to find the correct computer motherboard

Select a manufacturer

Currently, there are 2 main computer main manufacturers in the world, namely Server Asus and Intel. You should choose products from these 2 brands to ensure quality, compatibility and technical support in the future.

The above are important notes when buying a main computer. If you have any questions, please contact Hoang Ha PC technician, we will help you to solve this problem.

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